Hello, my name is Kathleen Mueller and I am a videographer, community builder and performance art maker—FWIW, you may not have scene me; I’m mainly behind the scenes.

Presently I am working as a freelance videographer and video editor. I am involved in the videography and editing of many of UVA’s on-line learning courses (MOOC’s), as well as, promotional and educational videos for other local organizations.

I am also, presently, involved with Live Arts as a volunteer. I have helped in the building of sets, performed as lighting board and sound board operator on various productions. I have also volunteered my services as stage manager and as theater technician for the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Other past experiences have been, mostly, in video post-production and Public Television working in many positions. While working at both Henninger Media Services and Thoughtstream Media, I was facility manager; coordinating members of a creative team and managing projects throughout the process of editing through delivery.

Throughout all my past and present positions I bring a well organized and holistic approach to my work. I believe I have a strong ability to see the whole picture while being able to break down a task into its many parts for its most creative and efficient completion.

It is also important to me to bring a bright and positive attitude to help promote an environment of creativity and productivity, whatever the task.

Art (and architecture, and my dog, and my family… ) makes me smile.



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